Writing an OS in Rust (First Edition)

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Handling Exceptions using naked Functions

These posts explain how to handle CPU exceptions using naked functions. Historically, these posts were the main exception handling posts before the x86-interrupt calling convention and the x86_64 crate existed. Our new way of handling exceptions can be found in the “Handling Exceptions” post.

Catching Exceptions

In this post, we start exploring exceptions. We set up an interrupt descriptor table and add handler functions. At the end of this post, our kernel will be able to catch divide-by-zero faults.

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Better Exception Messages

In this post, we explore exceptions in more detail. Our goal is to print additional information when an exception occurs, for example the values of the instruction and stack pointer. In the course of this, we will explore inline assembly and naked functions. We will also add a handler function for page faults and read the associated error code.

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Returning from Exceptions

In this post, we learn how to return from exceptions correctly. In the course of this, we will explore the iretq instruction, the C calling convention, multimedia registers, and the red zone.

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